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When did Mid-century Modern start?

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Mid-century Modern, often abbreviated as MCM, is a design style and cultural movement. As the name suggests, this style started somewhere in the middle of the last century. It was shaped by various societal influences and is therefore much more than just a design style! In this blog you will read when Mid-century Modern started and why it so popular.

When was the mid-century modern era?

The Mid-century style originated in the United States. This style emerged from a specific zeitgeist and changes in American culture. After the Second World War came to an end, it truly had the opportunity to develop. The mid-century modern style is now also referred to as a mid-century era. The era roughly spans from the 1940s to the early 1970s. It wasn’t until after the war that the style truly began to flourish, as people in that period had a strong need for recovery. This created space and energy for new ideas. Additionally, there was a growing innovative approach to architecture during that time. In this period of recovery, new life, and innovative ideas, the Mid-century Modern style also emerged as a reaction to the heavy and overly decorated furniture of the pre-war era. The MCM era is still considered innovative and has laid the foundation for the contemporary design world. Several important designers and architects had a significant influence on the development of the MCM style. The style was also influenced by other design movements, such as Bauhaus, the Arts and Crafts movement, and modernism. The Mid-century style was simultaneously exposed to Scandinavian influences, which gave the designs more natural forms, still evident today. Another significant factor in the development of the Mid-century style was the rise of pop culture. During those years, various TV series and films appeared on television. In music and art, many new styles emerged, serving as sources of inspiration for designers and making the style more modern and daring. The unique and original designs that emerged from this period have ensured that the style remains popular to this day.

When was mid-century modern most popular?

The MCM style began after the Second World War and dominated during that period. The first designs were created during World War II, but it wasn’t until the second half of the 1940s that the style truly had the opportunity to develop. The end of the war meant a need for recovery and the emergence of space for new creativity. In the 1950s the Mid-century Modern-style was most popular. During these years the style was most successful and this was considered to be the peak of the MCM era. During this period, many furniture pieces were designed and manufactured in the mid-century style. Both in terms of furniture design and architecture, this style had a tremendous influence. In the 1960s, its popularity gradually began to wane, making way for the psychedelic and colorful style of the late 1960s. However, this new style incorporated MCM influences into its designs.

When is Mid-century Modern still so popular?

Today, Mid-century furniture still remains popular in the world of interior and design. What makes the Mid-century modern style still so appealing are its design principles. The dominant aspect of the design is a focus on functionality. This is evident in all designs: the combination of simplicity, clean lines, organic forms, minimalism, and timelessness. The furniture has a timeless design and is highly practical. This minimalist design is still highly appreciated today and fits into many different types of interiors. What makes it even more attractive is that each piece of furniture is a unique object that adds character and individuality to a space. Mid-century furniture is seen as a cultural phenomenon and is still beloved in the world.

What is Mid-century Modern?

This style is characterized by the use of various materials, which were innovative for their time. In addition to the traditional use of wood, materials such as plastic, glass, and steel were also employed. This enabled the creation of new designs and structures. The most prominent feature of Mid-century Modern is its design, which includes clean lines, straightforward designs, organic shapes, minimalism, and timelessness.

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When did Mid-century Modern start?

Mid-century Modern, often abbreviated as MCM, is a design style and cultural movement. As the name suggests, this style started somewhere in the middle of