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Vintage mid-century dining chairs

When you talk about vintage mid-century dining chairs, you’re referring to chairs that come from the period roughly between 1930 and 1960. We of Van Vintage are huge fans of these chairs because they possess a distinctive design and unique style. With a vintage mid-century dining chair, you’re not only bringing a unique piece of furniture into your home, but you also own a piece of design history.

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Collectors aiming to own iconic vintage mid-century dining chairs can take a look at our collection. Our Van Vintage collection has been carefully curated with attention to detail. The historical value and rarity of vintage mid-century dining chairs make them true gems for collectors to discover.

What typifies these chairs?

Vintage mid-century dining chairs stand out from their counterparts due to their design and level of quality. These chairs are each a product of genuine craftsmanship. What distinguishes these chairs, in particular, is: 

  1. The functional design with significant ergonomic values that allow for hours of dining or entertaining guests in these dining chairs. 
  2. The high-quality materials incorporated into the dining chairs, contributing to their timeless appeal, such as walnut wood, chrome, or luxurious upholstery. 
  3. The minimalist look, featuring streamlined clean lines and organic shapes that exude simplicity. 
  4. Iconic designs by renowned designers exert a tremendous allure for true vintage connoisseurs. 


What are popular vintage mid-century dining chair brands?

The most popular brands from the last century for dining chairs include: 

  • Herman Miller: This brand produced the iconic Eames Molded Plastic Chair and the Eames Dining Chair, known for its collaborations with designers Charles and Ray Eames. 
  • Knoll: Also recognized for collaborating with designer Eero Saarinen for the famous Tulip Chair. 
  • Fritz Hansen: Introduced the design of the Series 7 Chair by Arne Jacobsen to the market. 
  • Hans Wegner chairs: Designs by Hans Wegner, such as the Wishbone Chair (CH24) and the Elbow Chair (CH20), are highly popular. 
  • G-Plan: Showcased distinctive designs of dining chairs from the 1950s and 1960s. 
  • Pastoe: Notable mid-century dining chairs from a Dutch brand with a minimalist look.