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Vintage mid-century coffee table

If you’re looking for a new coffee table for your collection our to redecorate your living room, then vintage mid-century coffee tables from the previous century are always a great choice! These coffee tables are typically crafted between 1930 and 1960. Vintage furniture provides a warm ambiance and fits perfectly in your retro-styled living room. Vintage coffee tables are characterized by their simple and sleek design and high functionality.

Our collection vintage mid-century coffee tables

The coffee tables in our collection have been carefully selected. Generally, mid-century coffee tables are a product of quality craftsmanship. This is evident in the finishing and attention to detail that the designers put into them. The designs often feature unique shapes, many of which are organic or asymmetrical, giving them an artistic appeal. Many of these coffee tables were handmade, which is why they often last for decades. Additionally, they often feature minimalist decorations and opt for a functional, sleek, and minimalist design.

What are vintage mid-century coffee tables?

Mid-century modern style coffee tables are often associated with the modern design that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s. This style is currently very popular due to its timeless design. These coffee tables can be placed in almost any space and will add extra character to a room. Vintage coffee tables were typically crafted from materials like wood, glass, metal, and plastic. Particularly, wood types like teak, walnut, and maple were very popular. These woods often have a warmer appearance and make the coffee tables highly durable. Key design features include the minimalist design and many mid-century coffee tables have tapered or angled legs, often made of wood.

How can you tell if coffee tables are mid-century?

You can often quickly recognize mid-century coffee tables by their sleek appearance, extensive use of wood, and minimalist aesthetics. What’s characteristic of mid-century coffee tables is the Danish modernist style, which emphasizes simplicity and functionality, evident in the furniture pieces. The most recognizable features also include the slender, tapered legs and minimal ornamentation.