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Vintage mid-century chairs

Vintage mid-century chairs have a timeless appeal. They remain highly popular in living rooms and office spaces worldwide to this day. The advantage of this style of chairs is their ability to fit into nearly any interior. What is characteristic of vintage mid-century chairs are the clean lines, functionality and comfort they offer. Not only do they exhibit sleek aesthetics, but they are also highly ergonomic. It’s no wonder that numerous collectors consider it a challenge to acquire the finest examples of vintage mid-century chairs.  

Our collection vintage mid-century chairs 

At Van Vintage, we meticulously curate our collection of vintage mid-century chairs. Naturally, we examine the condition and quality of each chair. Because each chair is authentic, its value varies. The condition of the chair plays a significant role, such as having the original upholstery in good condition or properly executed restoration. We take care to maintain and preserve the vintage mid-century chairs in our collection.

Different types of vintage mid-century chairs

Vintage mid-century chairs come in various types and sizes. These are the four most common types of chairs for various kinds of spaces:  

  • Dining chairs: to complete your dining room 
  • Armchairs and lounge chairs: to get comfortable at home 
  • Rocking chairs: to create the perfect nursery  
  • Office chairs: to upgrade your work environment  

What types of mid-century chairs are the rarest to find?

There are certain vintage mid-century chairs that are hard to come by in today’s market. Naturally, the popularity of these chairs is only increasing due to their rarity. This is often attributed to a limited production of these chairs at the time or due to their rare designs. There are also specific chairs produced with unique and distinct materials, which in turn makes them extremely rare. Consider special and exotic wood types, unique fabrics, or additional finishes. Certain chairs were exclusively produced in particular parts of the world. It’s often observed that vintage mid-century chairs have been used and altered or restored. That’s why the most challenging vintage mid-century chairs to find are those that remain in their original condition.